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Artist: Jopie Estaver (Joanne)



I am a Miami native who graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Interior Design and a minor in art. Before and after graduation I worked for Burdines Interior Decorating Shop, then with Better Homes and Gardens. I went on to work with a local builder, finishing the interiors of his homes. Since this time I have done private commissions in oil, charcoal, pastels and watercolor. I have also worked in acrylics but prefer oils.

Being a native Miamian, tropical flora and fauna are my favorite subjects. However since I have done considerable traveling, I have found many other compelling subjects, especially the animals of Africa.

In 2003, I submitted a design to Cow Parade International Atlanta (Pictured here in the center), where my design was one of 175 out of 2000 plus selected. A full-sized fiberglass cow was given to each artist to recreate their original entry.

I have to admit that I have never done anything that has been as much fun. My design AFRICOW was displayed in front of the High Art Museum, (along with one other) in Atlanta. The purpose of the Cow Parade was to give local artists an opportunity to be seen by the public. The cows were displayed for several months then they were auctioned off for different charities. Click on the link in the menu above to see the display.

I was a member of the Florida Professional Artists Guild (now disbanded) and am now a member of GroveHouse Artists, whose members display their art at the GroveHouse Artists Gallery in the Mayfair Promenade.

I have received several awards for my art work, including plein air events.